Our Next Fundraising Event – Quiz

Our next fundraising event is our Pub Quiz 21st October 2015 6:30pm until 10:30pm

at White Hart Eltham SE9 1DA – must book in advance

If you would like to attend please contact Sally or Rosemary for tickets via our contact page – cost £10

The Final Event for 2015 will be our Pamper Night, 26th November 6:30pm to 10pm, All SAINTS church hall

Come along and try a therapy, prices range from £10 to £15. Refreshments will be available.

Here is a list of therapies available with a rough price range 

Massage (aromatherapy)  30 mins £14                                                                           Massage (hot stone)  30 mins £15                                                                                 Massage (Normal)  20 or 30 mins £12 or £15                                                             Energy Healing /Reiki  20 mins   £12                                                                                   Facial  20 mins £12  with Dr Organic Snail Gel Products £14                             Reflexology  20 or  30 mins  £12 or £14                                                                               Indian Head massage 20 or 30 mins £12 or £14                                                           Foot Zone massage 30 mins  £14                                                                                   Chakra balancing  20 mins £12                                                                                             Natural Face Lift Massage  20 mins £12                                                                           Manicure /pedicure  20 mins £10 or £12                                                                           Threading  £8                                                                                                                             Eye brow/lash tinting   £10                                                                                 Physiotherapy massage  20 mins £12                                                                                 Thai Foot massage  20 mins £12                                                                                         Hand and arm massage 30 mins £14                                                                                     Foot and Leg massage 30 mins £14

Please note the prices are set by the therapists so may change this is a guide only 

If you would like to pre-book a session please contact me

Please send a message to Rosemary if you would like us to add you to our Pamper Night  promotional email.

Come along to any of our events and have a fun time and help us reach our next target.

Thank you for your past support we are off to Croatia as planned. There will be post during August letting you all know how we got on and the highlights.

Our future events will be saving for some tents for next summers camping trip and our next trip abroad in 3-4 years time.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported our fundraising we could not do these trips for the girls with out you!!

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